These days most people listen to many different genres in their playlist.  So do the members of Trinity Soul.  That's why when you go to a Trinity Soul show you can expect to hear great songs from all kinds of artists.   Inspired by bands such as: "Pink Floyd" "Steely Dan" "The Eagles" "Jethro Tull" "Genesis" and "Rush".  Trinity Soul pushes sonic boundaries and tries to blur the lines of "genre".  Currently playing as a trio,  the band is known to have a "big sound".  "JD" the keyboardist of the band, plays the bass line with his left hand and puts down some smooth keys with the right.  Front man "David Michael" delivers soaring guitar leads and soulful vocals.  Laying the foundation with disciplined chops and impeccable timing is drummer "Jeremiah".


     Roots Reggae music is also an important part of the bands sound.  David (vocals, guitar) spend almost 2 decades touring with some of Jamaica's top acts.  RnB, Jazz, Neo-Soul and Gospel are also strong influences in the bands "sound".


     Trinity Soul is currently in the studio working on their debut EP and playing at select venues.  They have professional gear and professional attitudes and are willing to travel far and wide to perform.